Metric – Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? (2003)


A few years ago I met a girl at a concert who lived another state away. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, we were able to keep in touch for awhile – mostly raving about our favorite bands. I dubbed her my identical music twin. And she was the one who recommend that I check out Metric.

Old World Underground… is a really nice everyday kind of album. It’s definitely indie rock, but it’s got just enough electronica to be different. And obviously I love the lady vocals – especially how sweet and earnest her voice is. At times it flirts with being pop, but there’s an underlying sadness that makes it unpalatable to most pop fans. But something I can really enjoy.

IOU is a good opener and shares it’s words with the album title and Hustle Rose is also fine. But Succexy is the first really fun song. There’s a lovely synth melody and it’s fun to dance to. Combat Baby is the most rocky-y song on the album and the best to sing along to. And I think it’s awesome that the vocals are somewhat out of tune – it’s a much more unique sound, especially with a girl singer. Calculation Theme is the prettiest song and stirs up really sweet imagery – “tonight your ghost will ask my ghost”. The next few tracks kind of scoot by without much notice but then Dead Disco kicks in with another great dancy beat. And then Love is a Place is a soft sad ballad to close it all out.

This album is good for two things – it’s great for fun spring windows down driving music, but also for background party-type music. It’s not an album that I feel passionately about the way I do with a lot of others, but that’s sometimes a really great thing because it’s “easy listening” but doesn’t suck like actual easy listening.

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